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Jammie Dodgers "Vote Now"

30 April 2012

On 28th April “three musical monkeys will put on one of the most mind blowing musical dance shows on earth”. This latest work from VCCP is directed by Roderick Fenske at Hungry Man. The teaser will play out during the Britain’s Got Talent ad break encouraging viewers to go to and vote for their favourite Jammie Dodgers promo. Each flavour has a primate, dancing to his own beat. Which is your favourite? Jammie, Toffee or Choccie? You decide.

Jason Watts VFX supervisor worked side by side with the puppeteers and VCCP throughout the shoot in Kiev, helping them to understand how to build the set to capture as much as possible in camera.

“Finish helped us to understand how best to modify and stage the puppets to get as much as possible in camera” comments Producer Larissa Miola from VCCP.

De-rigging puppets in post is always a long and painstaking process as invariably the clean up is done frame by frame.

Jason Watts VFX supervisor “The post process can be made easier, but this usually means restricting the creative process and limiting the Director's freedom to gain performance. With careful planning and shoot supervision Roderick was able to have moving cameras, extreme lighting changes and dynamic backgrounds to name a few usually 'don't do's' on these spots . It was a mutual respect for the creative versus post process that enabled these technically challenging ads”.


Director Roderick Fenske
Production Company: Hungry Man
Producer: Veronica Saez
Agency: VCCP
Agency Producer: Larissa Miola
Creative Director: Craig Miller
Creatives: Rob Ganguly and Andy Aradipiotis
Editor: Julian Marshall and James Rose (Cut and Run)
Post: Finish
VFX: Jason Watts Lead Flame: Steve Murgatroyd
Flame: Judy Roberts
Post Producer: Justine White
Telecine: MPC
Audio: Grand Central

Contact Name
Fi Kilroe/Justine White
020 7734 9110