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Jonas Mortensen Shoots the Stones

27 September 2016

Image TitleJonas Mortensen Shoots the Stones

Finally revealed - JONAS MORTENSEN travels with the Rolling Stones across South America - aptly titled "Ole, Ole, Ole: The Rolling Stones: A Trip Across Latin America". Mortensen follows The Stones through Cuba, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay and Argentina on every aspect of their tour - back stage, the exhilarating shows and also capturing the heart and soul and the people of Latin America.

Image TitleJonas Mortensen Shoots the Stones

Technically, the film is terrific, with state-of-the-art sound and cameras ever-searching for evocative settings and interesting faces among the multitudes.

Directed by Paul Dugdale through JA Digital, this exciting, stimulating Rock 'n roll doc is currently being played at the Toronto Film Festival.

Image TitleJonas Mortensen Shoots the Stones

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