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11 March 2014

Three Sing It Kitty


No introduction needed to the notorious Nordic nutters. Their work always does the talking, or rather, as in this feline good commercial, the singing. A girl pedals round the square with her uber cute kitty belting out a rock anthem - reminding us why Traktor dominate the comedy ad world and have changed it forever.

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Aitor Throup

In a characteristically bold move, Partizan have signed the Argentine born visionary, Aitor Throup.

The cerebral Throup defies easy categorisation as he makes adjectives like ‘unique’, ‘extraordinary’ and even ‘unconventional’ seem tired. Artist, designer and Creative Director Aitor has always instinctively spoken his own visual language in every project or film. In an eponymous menswear line his fascination with mutated silhouettes drew equally from his love of anatomy and drawing. In a more recent role as Creative Director, he has overseen his own “visual system”, directing all the videos and visuals for Damon Albarn’s first ever solo album ‘Everyday Robots’.

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For the title track Aitor created a breathing, moving digital portrait of Damon using digital software and facial reconstruction techniques. Deconstructing and reconstructing the musician through this process shows the antagonism between nature and technology and acts as a metaphor for Damon’s work - ancient, connected to nature but embracing all aspects of technology. Maybe we too should try and invent a new language just to describe Aitor.

Bring The Colour


Using black and white to launch the primary-coloured new Spring collection the French trio inject some sun into the latest film in this campaign. We see chic models shining vibrantly through a series of banal situations led by an equally stylish Fern. Spring has sprung.

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Lulu Guinness - Fashion Meets Art

Debbie Anzalone

In her twenties and living in Paris, Lulu Guinness had a poster of Bill Brandt's famous photograph 'Nude London' up on her wall. The image stayed with her, and now becomes an inspiration for her new London Tote bag. Art and Fashion meet as we follow her from Tate Britain to her studio and then to the factory to see the bag in production.

This is one of a series of films celebrating the opening of the new Tate Britain, in which leading figures from the worlds of cooking, fashion, poetry, film, photography, music and comedy share the creative processes behind their own work, inspired by 500 years of British art.

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