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Liz Hinlein shoots powerful film for Dove featuring Shonda Rhimes

01 August 2017

Fresh Film director Liz Hinlein has captured a new digital film for Dove Real Beauty Productions. Along with famed TV writer and Creative Director Shonda Rhimes they have come together to release the film titled "Meet Kylee".


The spot aims to illustrate how many women cannot relate to traditional standards of feminine beauty. Since launching in March 2017, Dove Real Beauty Productions has aimed to shift the power of storytelling from Hollywood into the hands of real women to ensure all women and girls can see their #RealBeauty represented in media and culture.


A 100% female crew joined Shonda Rhimes to create the new three-minute film following Kylee's journey to discovering her own beauty. Like Kylee many women experience a disconnect between the images of femininity they see around them and the styles they feel best represent themselves.
74% of women believe more needs to be done to redefine beauty to be more inclusive. Many gay and lesbian women feel excluded altogether. In fact, research shows that 3 out of 4 gay and lesbian women believe society suggests they do not care about their beauty. In the spot Kylee tells us the story of how she set up her own barber shop, specifically for women called Friar Tucks. Here she caters for women who want to express their own style.

To view Liz Hinlein’s showreel please click here:

Executive Producer and Founder

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Kim Griffin
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Louise Jackson


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Richard Carter-Hounslow