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Luke Palmer "The Fold" movie

30 March 2012

Director of Photography – Luke Palmer
Title "The Fold"
Director- John Jencks
Production Co – Daffodil Productions

Luke Palmer has just started shooting feature film "The Fold" directed by John Jenks set within the simply stunning daffodil harvest of Cornwall. 

Luke PalmerLuke Palmer

Shooting on 2 Alexa's and starring Catherine McCormack (Braveheart, Land Girls) and Dakota Blue Richards (Skins) with production designer Ian Andrews (Lock Stock), this movie tells a story of how Anglican Priest Rebecca Ashton forms a volatile friendship….

Luke wraps beginning of May and is represented for feature and drama work by Wizzo FEATURES.

Luke Palmer Commercial Reel

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Contact Name
Shade Oshunrinde
+44 (0)207 439 4657