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Marshall Street’s Guy Savin cuts a stunning new spot for Panasonic

19 May 2017

Framestore’s Director Duo have truly excelled with this one. Edited by the fabulous Guy Savin at Marshall Street Editors, this spot is wonderfully stylish, cinematic and super cool. The power of Panasonic’s new Ultra 4k Pro HDR Television is conveyed through journeys into period extravagance, dramatic crime scenes, extra-terrestrial battles and superhero escapes.

Image TitleGuy Savin

Enhanced by a beautifully emotive soundtrack composed by Klang/Catalyst, the perfected visual detail will leave you in awe. This spot also recently won Source Creative’s ‘Select of the Day’ – well-deserved praise for a commercial designed and finished with flair.


Production Company: Framestore
Directors: Director Duo
Edit Company: Marshall Street Editors
Editor: Guy Savin
Sound Production: Klang/Catalyst

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