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Marshall Street’s John Mayes cuts giffgaff’s ‘The Big Swim’ and it’s a sky-high success

09 May 2017

The clever trio at Who Wot Why, with Dark Energy’s Sean Thompson directing, have created a fantastically whimsical spot that defies the laws of gravity to take us on an intergalactic journey through space.

Image TitleJohn Mayes - GiffGaff

Edited by John Mayes, ‘The Big Swim’ follows a woman as she dives from a board and takes an epic trip through the galaxy before returning with a splash, showing she really is free to go – and free to stay.

This spot took the team over to South Africa on a week-long shoot before the work continued at Marshall Street Editors. Strong VFX supervised by the Mill and a perfectly finished audio from Wave Music enhance a highly technical piece that has received a brilliant response.

Dive in, enjoy the ride and try not to catch yourself singing all day…

Director: Sean Thompson Production Company: Dark Energy Agency: Who Wot Why Edit Company: Marshall Street Editors Editor: John Mayes

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