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Martin Aamund - Orange

06 February 2012

TUNA director Martin Aamund takes a big idea and brings it down to earth in the new campaign for Orange. Conceived by Publicis, Zurich, Take What You Want personalises Orange’s new and highly customisable contract system with an entertaining and humorous flair. The spots play on character absurdities but stay grounded with a dry, natural execution. Aamund chose to shoot the films with an anamorphic lens to give the campaign a unique cinematic feel.

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The films were pieced together on a somewhat global assembly line. TUNA utilised the most effective and efficient resources around the world by producing in South Africa, editing in Denmark, colour grading in Budapest, and adding music in Zurich. The idea of sourcing a global network may seem nebulous at first, but boutique production company TUNA has turned the strategy into a marketable advantage.