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Mendoza Films deliver YouTube film for Olay Luminous

03 December 2018

This week sees the launch of Mendoza Films new spot for Olay Luminous. Shot by director Ed Sayers the film is an affectionate send-up of all those ‘how I wake up’ vlogger/influencer online videos, that offer rather worthy, but well-meaning advice on how to simply get up in the morning.

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The idea came out of a joint initiative from YouTube and Olay working as an experimental team. The brief was to create a film targeting millennials. It had to be conceived and produced in less than a month, with a fixed budget. It also needed to be outside the realm of what one might traditionally create for the brand.

Featuring a woman waking up and embarking on her day we see how life really plays out for her. Clearly, not every day is going to be ‘Insta-ready’. The film contrasts a dry take on the sanctimonious voiceover outlining the holier-than-thou steps of the routine with the actual reality of most people's attempts to start the day. Finally brimming with confidence, she steps out the front door to face the day. We see something she hasn’t noticed but, from what we can tell of her character, she’ll glide on anyway, It’s a funny and simple reminder that nothing needs to be perfect, but we can improve our day by doing things our way, and with the odd shortcut like getting your ‘luminosity’ from a handy bottle.

Mendoza Films were delighted to work with such an impressive creative team and crew.

Creative Director Simon Brooks comments: “The very real and very engaging star of the film is actor Eleanor-Rose Fusaro, who, despite having no movie-star frills, private trailer, on-set nutrition coach or spiritual advisor, nailed the performance, just as we'd envisioned it. It was as if she'd been waking up every morning of her life!"

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Director Ed Sayers adds: "This script was a great opportunity to have a pop at self-righteous vloggers who tell people that if we'd all be just like them, our lives can be as wonderful as theirs! It all hinged on the character being subtly in on the gag, displaying the intelligence and confidence to do things her own way and not be fazed, no matter what may happen. It's refreshing that a brand like Olay wants to get behind that kind of fun."

The 60-second film entitled "Greet The Day" is now running on YouTube.

60 sec version:

Client: Proctor & Gamble
Vice President of Beauty at P&G: Hounaida Lasry
Agency: Saatchi and Saatchi Hungary
Creative Director: Simon Brooks
Agency Art Director: Dalma Vogt
Production company: Mendoza Films
Director: Ed Sayers
Producer: Debby Mendoza
Director of Photography: Dan Holland
Editor: Simon Willcox at Loaded Dice
Post Production: Absolute Post
Flame Artist: Dave Smith
Colour Grade: Adam Clarke

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Debby Mendoza
+44 (0) 207 199 9710