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New Signing to Pretzel Films - REUBEN DANGOOR

23 July 2012

Reuben is a Londoner and he studied at the Chelsea College of Art & Design. He is one of those truly talented people. He’s an Animator and Live action Director, an illustrator and a talented musician. He has a great sense of humour and his work has a strong comic bias that runs through it.

It all kicked off when in 2010 Reuben and Raf Riley uploaded ‘Being a Dickhead is cool’ onto Youtube. Just 2 days later it had 1 million hits; it now stands at just under 8.5 million. Since the Dickhead phenomenon Reuben has worked with Ministry of Sound on their 18th Anniversary celebration with the Streakers project and BMB for the viral of Findaproperty ‘Granster’, for which he directed, wrote and rapped the song.

At the beginning of this year Reuben worked with O2 on a viral called ‘The Great Network Mystery’ where he used stop motion animation and ninjas to hilariously explain how phone calls are made. He has also directed videos for Velvet Stream, Regal Raymond and Matti Roots and illustrated album sleeves for artists such as Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and Etta Bond x Raf Riley on Labrinth’s Label Odd Child Recordings.

He has just finished his first job with us for Blackberry. Unfortunately we can’t show it until the end of the month but the image of Reuben gives you a sneak preview.

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5 minutes inside Reuben’s head:

What's been the biggest influence on your career so far?

As far as directors go, people like Michel Gondry and Romain Gavras are a big influence aesthetically. 

Who has inspired you most?

I think overall Christopher Nolan is a huge inspiration / a hero of mine. The guy writes and directs big budget, intelligent films with a fantastic cast. He’s able to bring together a great story with incredible visuals. They all have a definite feel. You know they are his creations and I think that’s a great quality in a body of work. 

What do you want to achieve personally and professionally?

I think personally, just learn my craft. Try and learn and learn and get as good as I can be.  My ultimate dream would be able to make feature films one day. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 year’s time?

Hopefully still directing! I'd just like to be working on exciting and interesting projects

How would you describe your life growing up?

Pretty regular, I was born in hackney and moved to north London when I was a bit older. 

Was going to art college useful/exciting?

It was interesting. Chelsea was good to me. I had a bit of a nutcase for a tutor but he instilled that hard work ethic, albeit through fear.

What’s been your worst job ever?

Working at a garden centre. I used to lift sacks of horse crap into the back of peoples cars.

Best so far and why?

This! I just wrote "director" on my tax form, under profession, which felt pretty nice. Paying the tax was less nice, but yea being able to do something I really love as a job is cool. 

Why is music so important in your work? 

For me music and visuals have always gone hand in hand, I’m not particularly sure why. I think whenever I listen to a bit of music; I get visuals popping into my head very quickly.  So it’s a great catalyst for ideas I think. 

How do you approach making music and is this different to approaching film/visuals?

Yes they’re pretty different, although I'm trying to change that. With visuals I think I've made it up as I went along, music was always a bit more practiced. I love writing lyrics, and I hope to try and write some 'proper' story lines rather than just experimenting with how something looks. 

Contact Name
Sam LeGassick
020 7580 9595