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New Weekly Music Mix with Rob from A-MNEMONIC

31 March 2019

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Friendly Fires have just released their new track 'Lack Of Love’ - a cover version of the of the popular track by Charles B & Adonis.
"It was an important tune for us when we started the band, and its an important tune for us now” the band explain.
"It squelches and fizzes and yearns and emotes – it's a piece of secular gospel music that bangs the dance floor, and will do eternally."
"We wanted to cover one of our all time favourites as a little palate-cleansing exercise; try and make it faithful to the original but also carry off into somewhere new. Thanks to Adonis & Charles B for making the original all those years ago, it continues to inspire us."

Saltwater Sun are back with their first track “Blood” taken from their upcoming EP.
"Blood" is a song where the five piece deftly deal with family, love, death, grief and all the things in between. It sees lead singer Jen Stearnes face her grief, but within the soaring soundscapes and the euphoric guitars that seem to sweep up the pain in her lyrics, she finds hope and comfort. Despite the apparent sadness that underpins the song, this is ultimately an indie-pop anthem for hope and all the beautiful things that life has to offer. It's a song that demands to be sung at the top of your lungs, providing cathartic escapism and warm comfort in equal measure.

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