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Northforge Create Animated Sequences For Cubo And Finastra

18 July 2018

Northforge, the Leeds based animation studio, were recently engaged by advertising agency Cubo to create animated sequences for the fintech company, Finastra.

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Finastra provides software solutions to global financial institutions, specialty lenders, community banks, credit unions, governments and corporations. The banking industry has for many years run on outdated technologies, so Finastra enters at an exciting time as they revolutionise the way in which financial institutions perform.
The task was to create a launch film that would both showcase their capabilities and build upon brand awareness.

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Advertising agency Cubo selected Northforge to develop CG sequences that would reflect Finastra’s exciting and tech driven services. They arrived with fully formed ideas and indeed had already shot the hero film for the animated sequences to sit alongside.

Cubo called for bespoke ‘big bang’ bursts of light and energy to depict the impact of Finastra’s new software. These sequences would follow the more introspective and monochromatic world of the live action film, which set out to reflect the current fintech world. Starting from scratch the Northforge team worked through various styles and options. Every dynamic scene performs as a visual metaphor for specific areas of Finastra’s business. The team developed and experimented with various simulations utilizing to give the creative team plenty of options, before settling on their final executions.

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The results are stunning. The animations literally burst out of the screen. As each sequence builds they echo the dynamic and progressive technologies that Finastra provide.

The film is now airing across a multitude of platforms including digital banners, web and was also projected in Singapore’s financial district.

Client: Finastra
Agency Cubo - Creative, story boarding and direction
Animation studio: Northforge
Live Action: Feed Films
Music: Massive Music

Contact Name
Matt Simpson
+44 (0)113 228 5260