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Nucco Brain Presents: "Onboarding, Retaining, Engaging: Keep Your Employees Committed Beyond Day 1"

16 August 2019

Why would someone who is looking for a job pick one firm over another? How do you foster commitment with your newer employees? How do you become a great place to work? How do you keep your employees committed and informed after their orientation?

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Retaining employees is more than just work perks and email blasts. They need to feel valued and important through your communications, and need to be hooked beyond their first day with effective on-boarding and retention programs.

As attitudes change and people have more employment mobility, it has become ever more vital for HR teams to ‘get it right’ when it comes to not only bringing in, but keeping hold of talent in their organisations.

During this panel event, we will be unpacking the opportunities and challenges HR professionals face when it comes to messaging and communications methods, as well as the importance of using storytelling to improve your internal comms.

If you're interested in keeping your employees committed beyond Day 1, visit our offices on 26th September to hear the thoughts of some of the most renowned voices in the industry.

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