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Olly Williams is waffly versatile for Birds Eye

01 June 2016

Olly Williams directs the new ad for Birds Eye through Havas London. Heavily art directed visuals show people putting various different toppings onto the Waffles, some appear to be balanced on heads, some heading for an old ladies mouth, all playful with strong colourful visuals.

Image TitleBirds Eye

Says Williams

"Like the songs of Dylan and the Beatles, The Birds Eye Waffles jingle has passed into the hallowed musical familiarity of a hymn or christmas carol. Music means a lot to me, and other than the Shake n’ Vac tune, there’s very little else out there with as much melodic gravitas.

This was a genuinely satisfying project - and not just for the tasty snacks made available after each shot of waffles and toppings. It’s like a slice of purist advertising. No desperate effort to pretend it’s a film or a piece of art, just unabashed fun. Everyone on set, from client, agency and crew were just concentrating on making fun images and that always makes for a cracking shoot. Plus, of course, we got to pour syrup and honey on actors heads…”

Image Title

Olly Williams’ background as a production designer makes him a choice director for this visual extravaganza, his background in promos gives him the perfect experience to play around with music and visuals in this way. He’s also known for his playful campaign for Doritos and the quirky B&Q Unleash Campaign which sees him playing with vibrant visuals and music and lots of in camera trickery.

Birds Eye Credits

Client: Iglo - Birds Eye
Title: Waffly Versatile
Director: Olly Williams
Production Company: Another Film Company
Producer: Simon Monhemius
Agency: Havas London
Agency Producer: Sam Myers
Creative Director: Russell Schaller
Creative: Tim Langford
DOP: Sam Goldie

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