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P For Production Talent Gets a spring in its Step: Bees! Horses! Cuckoos!

30 March 2012

Jonathan Jones' Queen of the Savannah Aired Thursday March 29

P for Production's new Director of Photography talent, Jonathan Jones has been working on an unBEElievable new nature programme, Queen of the Savannah, which aired at 8pm on Thursday March 29 on BBC2. The show follows the story of the queen African honey bee. Jonathan, whose speciality is shooting in super slo-motion, worked on the entire programme, a rarity in nature photography.

Catch the programme in it’s entirety on bbc iplayer:

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The BBC has given the show great advance buzz, describing it as; "Ground-breaking close-up photography shows a bee-eye view of their world, from the queen murdering her sisters to fighting off giant invaders and eventually migrating across the savannah to the great Mount Kenya."

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Keiren O'Brien's First Past the Racing Post with Stephen Fry

A little flutter at Cheltenham brings a hot flush and a racing pulse to a huge variety of punters. So the Racing Post don’t underestimate the minds and diversity of their readers. With the longest average daily read of any UK newspaper – two hours, try that with the Metro – and the Queen as a subscriber, they are way too savvy to pigeonhole their customer.

Written and directed by P for Production's Keiren O’Brien this commercial fails to box anyone in. With a galloping, lyrical voice over by Stephen Fry this intelligent, insightful advert gets its tips out for the boys.

Danann Breathnach moves a step nearer to having his TV series commissioned by RTE

P for Production's Danann Breathnach's series, Cuckoo, is one step nearer production! Help him make it happen by voting for the show here (no registration needed). Thank you!

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