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P for Production's White Rabbit & Laurent Bourdoiseau

30 April 2012

White Rabbit and Nicki Minaj light up Times Square

P for Production whizzkids White Rabbit brought Times Square to a standstill with a jaw-dropping light show on April 6. Providing a backdrop to a sensational show from pop megastar Nicki Minaj, the team took over the famous screens surrounding the square for a massive-scale light and video show that crackled with excitement and energy. The event promoted the Nokia Lumia 900 phone.

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Laurent Bourdoiseau's Mr Kipling Gallery!

P for Production's Laurent Bourdoiseau created the Grandma's Biscuit Tin ad for Mr Kipling cakes. The commercial evokes nostalgia; the family gathering at Grandma’s house, warm feelings that most people can instantly relate to.

The ad, which was shot in the kind of Georgian house that would make Kirsty Allsop go weak at the knees, starred 12 children. And having a baker’s dozen of kids running around makes for a chaotic shoot! Especially after those children had eaten a massive bowl of ice-cream for lunch...

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Paul Mcloone and Jason Underhill
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