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Passion Pictures NYC, Apple Corps and Universal band together once more, to create a visual extravaganza for The Beatles!

19 November 2013

For many, 1963 was a year notable for the assassination of JFK, the beginning of Pop Art and the release of Alfred Hitchcock’s seminal film “The Birds”. For a young English band called The Beatles however, 1963 was about driving their van from gig to gig all over the United Kingdom through rain, wind, shine and one of the harshest winters on record. This notion of travel was the basis for a new music video for the band, presented to us by Jonathan Clyde at Apple Records.

Passion 1

Passion’s Creative Director Pete Candeland and Directors Lee Gingold and Giles Dill collaborated and researched the stories from 1963, highlighting the progression of The Beatles from being the opening act on tour to becoming the main event.


Candeland says, “Having worked with The Beatles in the past, it was nice to come together again with everyone at Apple Corps to create and bring to life this visionary year.” The team at Passion found that the archival footage had a naturally beautiful quality about it; grainy and ridden with imperfections, so a pencil-rendered finish was the best style for the designs. The new Beatles album is jam-packed with rare recordings as well as special anecdotes told by the band themselves which is indicative of their youthful spirit and diligence at the time.

Passion 3

“After listening to the album, the song that really stood out for us was the cover of Buddy Holly’s ‘Words of Love’. We felt that this song really helped us tell the story of ‘the rise of The Beatles,’” says Passion NYC EP Belinda Blacklock and we tried to use that contagious energy from the album for our music video.

  • Creative DirectorPete Candeland
  • Director Lee Gingold, Giles Dill
  • Producer Katrina Lofaro
  • Executive Producer Belinda Blacklock
  • Lead Designer Lindsey Mayer-Beug
  • Designers Sarah Orenstein, Jon Saunders, Stephanie Davidson, Dadu Shin, Kim Dulaney
  • Editor Maria Diakova-Hassell
  • Technical Director Jacob Slutsky
  • Animation Greg Lytle, Barbara Benas, Tim Beckhardt
  • Compositor Jacob Slutsky, Chris West, Greg Lytle
  • Archivist Will Bryant
  • Storyboard Artist Nancy Chung
  • Production Assistant Anne DiLorenzo, Zoe Muslim
  • Audio Mix Giles Martin, Al Sirkett
  • Client Universal
  • Client Contact Guy Hayden
  • Client Apple Corps
  • Client Contact Jonathan Clyde


Contact Name
Hannah Kluman
44 +207 323 9933


Contact Name
Emilie Walmsley - Producer
+33 (0)1 42 73 63 10

New York

Contact Name
Belinda Blacklock - Executive Producer
+ 1 212 725 9095