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Passion’s Pete Candeland directs Stadium UK titles for BBC London 2012 Olympic Games

05 July 2012

Passion and Red Bee Media have created a spectacular opening sequence to herald the BBC’s coverage of the London 2012 Olympic Games. The film was devised by executive creative director Damon Collins and a team of creatives at Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R, and was directed by Pete Candeland at Passion and Red Bee Media for client BBC 2012 Marketing. Music is composed and performed by Elbow. The full length spot runs for 2 mins 40 secs and various cut down versions of this film will be used throughout the BBC’s broadcast of the Olympic Games.

The animated trail is based around the concept of “Stadium UK”, bringing the nation together in a huge Olympic Stadium to enjoy the BBC’s comprehensive coverage of the London 2012 Games. The viewer is taken on an epic cinematic journey across the United Kingdom showing how every corner of the country is involved in hosting the world’s greatest sporting event. Dramatic UK locations provide an inspirational backdrop to CG character animation sequences of iconic Olympic events, such as the Men’s 100 meters and the Ladies’ gymnastics, with imagery of the Olympic stadium drawing all these elements together.

Director Pete Candeland says, "Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R and Red Bee Media came to us with a fantastic brief that allowed us to be creative and encouraged us to develop something unique. I like having the chance to do something new and slightly different with animation and the team here at Passion Pictures has always been great at achieving innovative and fresh concepts."

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To meet the challenges presented the creative brief and the realistic style of the animation, Passion used XSI and the new XSI renderer V-Ray, plus new software Naiad for the fluids and Marvellous Designer for the cloth simulation.

Passion CEO Andrew Ruhemann says, “Creating a new and original world for a client from a blank canvas is always the most difficult brief. But it’s also the most welcome challenge in that it’s a chance for Passion to really show what we are capable of producing.  It takes a director with a unique vision like Pete Candeland to deliver a truly extraordinary film that will continue to engage and stir an audience over repeated viewings.  I’m enormously proud of Pete and the Passion team for the genuine beauty and originality of the film they’ve produced.  I believe it’s going to make a huge impact.”


Client: BBC Sport Marketing Louisa Fyans, Karen Potterton Nick Farquhar
Product: BBC London 2012 Olympic Games
Title: Stadium UK
Agency: RKCR/Y&R
Executive Creative Director: Damon Collins
Creatives: Jules Chalkley, Nick Simons,Ted Heath, Paul Angus
Account Director: David Pomfret & Charlie Smith
Production Company: Passion Pictures/ Red Bee Media
Producer @ RBM: Sarah Caddy
Production Manager @ RBM: Jane Hunt
Animation Production Company: Passion Pictures
Executive Producers: Michael Adamo, Hugo Sands
Producer: Lottie Hope
Producer - Project Development: Anna Lord
Director: Pete Candeland
Art Directors: Mario Ucci, Rick Thiele
Head of CG: Jason Nicholas
CG Co-ordinator: Helen Lord
VFX Supervisor: Neil Riley
Modelling Characters: Mario Ucci, Cesar Nunes
Modelling Environment: Ian Brown, Florent Rousseau, Ander Gutierrez, Gary Newman, Mattias Bjurstrom
Rigging: Chris Dawson, Jorge Bellot, Francois Pons
Textures: Ellie Bond, Emma Berkley, Nikki Newman, Florent Rousseau, Ian Brown, Gabriel Loques
Previz: Xavier Zahara, Mark Brown, Martin Parissenti, Richard Perry
Animation: Cath Brooks, Wes Coman, David Sigrist, Florian Mounie, Conor Ryan, Chris Olsen, Mark Brown, Rodrigo Torres, James Farrington
VFX: Jamie Franks, Augusto Lombardi, Ciaran Moloney, Paulin Cointot, Michael Sofoluke
Lighting and Rendering: Mario Ucci , Rick Thiele, Cesar Nunes, Quentin Vien, Patrick Krafft, Christian Mills
Matte painting & Concept Art: Form Language, Max Dennison, Roger Gibbon, Kim Frederiksen, Diego Goberna, Lukasz Pazera, Daniel Cacouault , Giles Dill
Compositing: Niamh Lines, Johnny Still, David Lea
Editing: Anne Monnehay, Jamie Foord


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Hannah Kluman
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Emilie Walmsley - Producer
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