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Phillip Connolly Makes World's First Gyroscopic 3D Music Promo

13 August 2013

We are thrilled that P for Production director Phillip Connolly has made one of the very first videos to be presented in the Palm Top Theatre (PTT) format for iPhone, and the VERY first music video to be presented using gyroscopic technology to simulate 3D on the iPhone. 

P for Production

‘Lied’ by Beatie Wolfe uses three layers of video to give depth to a film, which shifts as you tilt and turn your phone. The video above is the 2D version, but the full promo comes in the form of a free album app, which features two 3D versions of the video. This is Phillip’s second video for Beatie, his first, ‘Never Ever’ was shot on a £200 budget.

The video features lots of sets of fairy lights. After borrowing countless sets from family and friends, Phillip managed to get them all messed up in a bundle which took seven hours to untangle. He has now forgotten who owns which set of lights. Oh Phillip.

Download the free app containing the 3D video from the Apple Store by searching for Beatie Wolfe

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Paul Mcloone and Jason Underhill
020 7580 2209