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Plastic Free Pledge Attempts To Turn Plastic Tide With New Film

12 October 2018

Plastic Free Pledge, the Hove-based anti-plastics charity, is doing its bit to publicise the risk to our oceans with a new film, out this week.

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Starring Jason Flemyng, best known for his roles in ‘Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ and ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’, the two-minute film tells the story of a lonely nine-year-old who tries to find friends by throwing a message in a plastic bottle into the sea in Brighton.

But when a council litter picker, played by Flemyng, sees what the young boy’s up to he teaches him a brutal lesson in marine ecology and the importance of not throwing single-use plastic in our oceans.

The film was written, directed and produced by Tony Burke through Dead Bird Film and shot on Location in Brighton and represents an acting debut for 10-year-old Ronnie Wrenn from Hove.

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Client: Plastic Free Pledge: Claire Potter
Written, Directed & Produced by Tony Burke
Client - Claire Potter @ Plastic Free Pledge
Production Company - Dead Bird Film
DoP - Richard Lonsdale
Sound Recordist – Shane Gravestock
Editor - James Mclean @ Gorilla Editors
Sound Design - James Benn @ Bark London
Colourist - Max Goldini @ The Farm Group
Costume - Tess Loe
Stills - Alex Bamford
Runner – Ned Smith

Special Thanks
Matt Chodan
Damiano Vukotic & RSA Films