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Playstation 'For The Players' Viral by Will Innes Smith and Adam Wells

05 November 2013

P for Production directors Will Innes Smith and Adam Wells have truly hit the viral motherlode with their new promotional film for PlayStation, #4ThePlayers Since 1995. The video racked up an impressive 1.2 million hits in its first 24 hours on YouTube, and looks set to achieve many more.

P for Production

The wonderfully detailed short follows the life of a gamer and his friends, using ephemera from different eras, a changing London skyline, and, of course, PlayStation hardware and games to indicate the passing of time. There are some lovely details to spot in repeated views, including Dominos Pizza boxes that are year-appropriate, and even a shift in aspect ratio to match the passing years. We love it, and are extremely proud of Will and Adam.

Contact Name
Paul Mcloone and Jason Underhill
020 7580 2209