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Princess by tokyoplastic

19 December 2011

Fresh from the Whistler Film Festival in Canada we bring you 'Princess', a beautifully traditional story of true love and happiness...Or is it?  This spot was created by tokyoplastic and produced by Picasso Pictures for Dare Canada as part of a 3 spot campaign to publicise this fabulously original film festival.   The film starts like any other predictable Hollywood movie…but takes a hard left turn.  It draws us in with it's stunning use of Disney-style animation depicting an idyllic princess story, but quickly turns into a scene you'd expect from a movie like Scarface.  Just like the festival itself,  expect the unexpected…


Production Company: Picasso Pictures, London
Executive Producer: Jane Bolton, Richard Price
Producer: Richard Price
Director: Tokyoplastic
Dare, Vancouver
Creative Director: Bryan Collins, Rob Sweetman
Copywriter: Mia Thomsett
Art Director: Rob Sweetman
Producer: Mike Hasinoff
Music/Sound Design: Adelphoi Music, London
Music Producer: Greg Moore
Composer: Jamie Masters
Sound Design: Andrew Sherriff
Sound Mix: Koko Productions
Sound Producer: Steve Lowe
Sound Engineer: Chris Hobbs

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