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Rattling Stick, The Red Brick Road and Suzuki launch ‘Have to Have it’

23 July 2012

The Red Brick Road has launched their first campaign for Suzuki since being awarded the business following the pitch in February.

The idea at the heart of the campaign is 'Have to Have It’, born of the research that over half the people who test drive a Suzuki, buy a Suzuki.

Directed by Rattling Stick’s Andy McLeod, the humorous ads communicate the absolute need to keep the car once you’ve driven it, by taking us on the never-ending test drive.

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The 60” TV execution shows the dealer on a test drive, as time passes and the customer has still not returned the car, we see the dealer become caught up in the family’s everyday life and witness him going on holiday with them and even being present at their baby’s christening. The ad ends with the dealer at a family meal finally plucking up the courage to say ‘I really think I should be going now’, before cutting to the endline ‘Once you try it, you have to have it.’

The campaign idea is also supported by a series of ITV Movies sponsorship idents directed by Rattling Stick’s Austen Humphries in which we see a number of people driven to extreme measures as they find themselves unable to detach themselves from their Suzuki’s following test drives.

The campaign aired on Monday 2nd July with a 60" TV.

Project name: Never Ending Test Drive
Creative agency: The Red Brick Road
Client & their job title: Rebecca Morrison - National Communications Manager
Brief: Brand Campaign launch
Creatives: Matt Davis and Richard Megson, Mark Slack and Gemma Phillips
Business Director: Sophie Edwards
Account Manager: Richard Williams
Agency Planner: Paul Hackett
Agency Producer: Charles Crisp
Production Company: Rattling Stick
Main Film Director: Andy McLeod
Idents Director: Austen Humphries
Producer: Kirsty Dye
Director of Photography: Stuart Graham
Editor: Saam Hodivala
Post-production: Big Buoy        
Music (if composed/mixed): Money Mark – Tomorrow will be like today
Audio post-production: Parv Thind – Wave Sound Studios
Media Agency: 7 Stars
Media Planner: Nick Maddison

Contact Name
Anna Allgrove
020 7851 2000