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Rob from A-MNEMONIC delivers a playlist to banish your post Cannes Blues

04 July 2017

If you like to discover new and interesting music then read on. Every week Rob from A-MNEMONIC Music shares his Top 10 of the latest releases and tracks that you might have previously missed, for you to enjoy!

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This week I have put together a whole mixture of new music to help you get over your Cannes blues. A big thanks to Little Black Book for letting us hang out at their ‘LBB & Friends Beach’ – which was fantastic as usual.

First on my list this week is the fabulous new single from Canadian Indie-Rock group Arcade Fire. “Everything Now’ is an uplifting, almost ABBA sounding track, with a chipper piano hook, swelling stings, an upbeat rhythm. It’s a great first single from their upcoming new album of the same name and should definitely be on your playlist.

When a song includes the lyrics “Don’t be afraid to catch fish” it just has to be on my playlist. The bonkers new collaboration between Calvin Harris and Pharrell Williams, titled ‘Feel’ is just plain good fun. It’s impossible to not have a smile when listening to this.

The last on my list this week is the hauntingly beautiful track by the XX ‘I Dare You’. Sounding a bit like a Kings Of Leon track, this emotional song will make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. It’s just lovely.

You can listen to the rest of my playlist here:


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