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Sam Bould Edits Two Painfully Funny Spots For OnePlus

05 February 2018

Cut+Run’s Sam Bould kicks off 2018 with two painfully funny spots for the OnePlus 5T, directed by Jono Hunter at MindsEye London for agency Lucky Generals.

OnePlus 5TOnePlus 5T

Each vividly colourful film puts the new smartphone through some unnecessarily complicated and needlessly painful performance tests, with plenty of bizarre, inventive comedy - the first featuring a pair of scantily-clad men, two catapults and a endless barrage of cacti; the second involving a suit made entirely of meat and one very hungry alsatian.

Lucky General’s “The Smarter Choice” campaign for the brand was first introduced last year with a slasher-horror spoof, also featuring plenty of pain.

"This was a right laugh to edit,” says Sam. “Tons of rushes with people hurting themselves - what’s not to love?”


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