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Sit Down With...Broken Antler's Ben

19 January 2017

Image TitleBroken Antler

  1. What has been your favourite project so far?

I’ve had a number of exciting projects that we’ve enjoyed creating, from the animations we did for the Olympic Museum, which was hand painted animated sequences of great athletes of the past, through to our graphic/ abstract films we created for Rolex and the work I did on the AMDRadeon reBrand film was a lot of fun. I also love title design so the titles for NinaForever and BBC ‘Watson & Oliver’ are among my favourite too.

  1. In short what is the process of creating your work?

Every project starts with us breaking down the brief, developing style frames, storyboards, mood boards, what ever helps us figure out what’s the best direction to go in and explain to the client the direction we think is right. Personally, I’m always looking for that seed of an idea, the linchpin to an idea that everything works from. As a studio we’re not tied to one technique so I’m free to suggest different techniques we could explore. Not all clients are as adventurous as others but we always present the direction we believe will work and get the results that the client is after and I don’t like to repeat myself work wise so I’m always wanting to try something new. Sometimes the client is prescriptive but other times they don’t really know what they’re after, just the results and then we really have a chance to be creative.

  1. Are you a self-taught illustrator/artist or did you study?

And are there disadvantages for self-taught artists? I did study, art college and then animation at another art college but I think we’re all self taught to a degree, as much as a tutor can guide and point you in a direction, technology is moving so fast that you have to pick up and learn once you leave. I feel like I’m constantly evolving anyway, constantly seeing and being inspired by what I see around me and this pushes me to learn more.

  1. Who’s work do you admire?

I’m inspired by lots of different creative people for different reasons. Alexander Calder, Patrick Clair, Katsuhiro Otomo, Tom McCarthy, Hayao Miyazaki Flying Lotus, Jim Jarmusch, Kyle Cooper, Cezanne, Josh Kirby, Rob Chiu, J-Dilla, Frank Miller, G-Munk, Ash Thorp, Q-Tip, Anderson .Paak - there are so many.

Image TitleBroken Antler's Ben

  1. What piece of advice do you have for an aspiring motion graphic designer?

Make your own stuff as much as you can. I’m late to learn this lesson but it’s so important. Keep moving and experimenting as it will set you up for client work and stop you feeling stagnant. Finish these side projects too. Be careful of the magpie effect, of starting something and then being distracted by the next shiny new idea.

  1. What’s your favourite part about creating animations?

I love the concept stage and watching that idea come together at the end. I often struggle just in the middle when it feels like you’ve gone too far to change it, however you’re too far away from the end that I sometimes I lose faith in the idea. I have realised over time this is just the magpie effect. I’ve had another idea and want to embark on that journey. I’m learning to complete each journey I start now. It’s far more satisfying.

  1. *What is your favourite piece of kit to use in your work? *

Honestly. Paper and pencil, Photoshop and After Effects. C4D - although I do get frustrated with it.

  1. What do you like to do after a long day in the office? Cliche but spend time with my wife, two daughters and friends and head out on adventures. I also love to listen to good music and read a good book
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