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Sit Down With...NOMINT's BAT Collective

04 April 2017

Next in line for a Sit Down With is NOMINT'S BAT Collective, made up of directors, Matthieu Landour and Bali Engel

Can you give us a few words about yourself?

We are Bat Collective a studio based in London created by Mat Landour and Bali Engel. We specialise in commercial 3d and 2d Animation. We are currently represented in the Uk and Us by Nomint Studio,Passion Paris for France and Tendril for Canada.

What other mediums do you draw inspiration from?

We work on a very diverse range of platforms. in the past we have worked on live action short films, animation, puppeteering, illustration picture books and obviously 3d and 2d animation. We try to keep ourselves interested in a various range of things in order to be as prolific as possible. In our industry today it’s quite helpful being good at many things. Also, As a director i it’s important to be interested in every part of the film making process to fully grasp the medium you’re working on.

Image TitleBAT

Which type of commercial projects do you like to work on?

We’ve worked on a various range on tv commercials, ranging from Coca cola Superbowl, to small beautiful charity projects. We’re happy to work on various different projects if we feel the story is worth telling. It’s important to us to create a beautiful visual world and also to tell an interesting story in every project.

Image TitleNOMINT Reel

Are you interested in making long forms?

Yes of course, we’ve directed and co-directed many different short films in the past En Tus Brazos, Norwich to Sheringham, Zerom2, The elaborate end of robert ebb and now shock therapy which is starting touring in festivals this year. We feel all those films have taught us a lot and have been preparing us for the next stage which seems to be feature films.

Can you tell us more about your later short film shock therapy?

Shock therapy is a 2d short film about Jim who is afraid of everything. he decides one day to face his fears and invites all his fears to come live with him into his house… it doesn’t quite work out as expected.

Shock therapy has been a labour of love. we worked on it for the past year and a half. we are both very scared of snakes and spiders and wanted to make a film to face our fears and thought the best way to deal with something that terrifies you is to laugh about it, so we turned it into a comedy. We wanted to make a film with a very strong illustrative style. it was quite a challenge to turn this beautiful illustrative style into animation, it was very time consuming but the result is so satisfying. we’re incredibly proud of it. We’ve been working mainly on big 3d projects lately so it’s been quite refreshing to go back to our 2d roots.

here is a link to the trailer:

Image TitleBAT

What type of advice you have for aspiring film makers?

As a young film maker it’s not easy making a name for yourself. It’s a tough industry but it’s also so wonderful to direct films so I guess our advice is even if it’s a difficult learning curve in the first few years, hang in there because it’s all worth it.


Contact Name
Yannis Konstantinidis

Head of Production

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Marilena Vatseri