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Sit Down With...Stitch's Max Windows

10 January 2017

Image TitleMax Windows

Describe your job within the context of your organisation

I am an Editor for both Stitch and their sister company Homespun. Based in Soho we specialise in commercials (Stitch) and music videos and short films (Homespun).

How I got here

I got here through hard work and circumstance really, I started off working in a small production company called Pagan, they had a small roster of 5 directors I really respected, including Vaughan Arnell, Rankin and Daniel Wolfe and were making music videos, I loved it and got on really well with everybody, many of who I still work with - but they are now my clients!

I took an incredible year off to travel and by the time I came back I knew I wanted to work in offline or online editing and was lucky enough to get a job at Cut + Run. I worked under the very talented Andy McGraw and he not only made editing fun but was my mentor, he taught me the craft and I got to go on shoots abroad and worked with some interesting people. At this point I cut anything I could get my hands on, friend’s music videos, showreels, short films charity films, the lot, this gave me the experience to do other stuff. My big break came when I moved to Stitch and I became an editor in my own right - everything sort of snowballed from there.

My typical day

Wow, my typical day, it can take many forms really and that’s one of the things I love. Depending on what stage the job is at I can be selecting, assembling, finessing or in the later stages of helping to over see the post process. The most important thing is working along side all the other guys at Stitch, the assistants and producers. I speak to these guys a lot so I can manage my day to day tasks and plan jobs for the coming weeks and months.

One of the most satisfying things about my work is getting the chance to be a part of a really creative idea, for me this is the most rewarding thing. For example last month I worked on a really interesting music video and I had the perfect mix, a really good track by a great artist, and on top of this an amazing idea. It was a dance video for Michael Kiwanka and it was super good fun to create a really fun positive vibe with the video. Being a dance video it was fun to play with the choreography and try lots of different things. The video is massively engaging and carefree but it also delivers important visuals about community togetherness.

The best thing about my day is always the people, not just those who I work with at Stitch, but clients too. I am really lucky to work with great people, creatively and personally. A lot of people I work with now I consider good friends which makes work so much fun, you can be yourself and put your opinions and idea across without feeling uncomfortable.

Hardest part of my job

I guess the hardest things are the hours and unpredictability. Sometimes it can be hard to juggle when I have free time as it can come at the oddest moment, maybe because a job has finished quicker than expected or that it has gone into night as it has been a little more challenging.

I’m not complaining through, I know I’m very lucky to be in the position I am in now, working on great stuff with fantastic people. We could all moan about money time etc, but I will leave that up to somebody else!

What I enjoy the most about my work

As I said already I love the people I work with, colleagues and clients and being collaborative on many levels. I also love the creative side of my job, making stuff is rewarding. Seeing the edit come together and develop in the edit suite is the best, and I enjoy seeing the impact it has on others. It’s also nice seeing the finished article when the sound and post are done - a real reward.

Contact Name
Alice Clarke