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Slider Creative delivers a ‘Nice’ spot for Double Tree

19 July 2016

Slider Creative wrote and directed the new Double Tree By Hilton* cinema spot. The Slider team devised the 'Nice' campaign to help the client bring their new brand approach to life. Originally, the brand was focused on the idea of how 'Nice Travels'.

Image TitleDouble Tree

Creative Director, Steve Lucker took this idea one step further, by showing that on it’s own, niceness is not that impressive. However, if you bring together lots of situations that are nice and repeat upon them, over and over you end up with a far more powerful message.

The final film, directed by Simon Willows, is beautifully crafted and observed. It captures some charming scenarios of people going that little bit further to improve another’s day.

The spot has a light and fun air that presents a fresh approach to raising awareness of the hotel chain.

The film will air in cinema, online and on TV.

*Double Tree is part of Hilton Worldwide, but most of their hotels are independently owned and operated by franchises. However, some are owned and managed by Hilton worldwide.

Client: Hilton Worldwide
Title: Double Tree by Hilton ‘Nice Travels’
Senior Director, Brand Marketing: Joelle Park
Creative/Brand Hilton: Alex Gnafakis
Senior Manager, Brand Marketing, EMEA: Rosalind Chan
Production Company: Slider Creative
Creative Director: Steven Lucker
Producer: Tom Ford
Director: Simon Willows
Copywriter: Tami Brown Lucker
Post: FrameStore
Audio: Factory

Contact Name
Steve Lucker
+44 (0)203 627 4894

Production Manager

Contact Name
Charlotte Haslam

Production Assistant

Contact Name
Genevieve Brown