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Stitch founders Tim Hardy and Leo King collaborate on a series of moving shorts exploring gender identity for Channel 4.

22 November 2016

Tim Hardy and Leo King have worked together to edit Grayson Perry’s Born Risky series for Channel 4.

The new four-part short-form series, directed by Keith McCarthy for Channel 4 is produced in partnership with production company Swan Films. In the first film, Grayson talks about his early ventures into cross-dressing as a boy, and his journey to becoming the person and artist he is today.

Image TitleBorn Risky

The remaining three films feature Grayson meeting trans people who take great risks to be themselves. The first is transgender model Tschan, 24, who returns to Brixton where she was bullied when younger. The second is Geoff, 66, a transvestite truck driver who has opened ‘Tina’s Hotel’, a haven for other transvestites at his Essex home. The third person Grayson meets is EJ, 42, a female-to-male transgender fashion historian who is now comfortable in his male identity.

Stitch has a long relationship working with Keith so cutting in tandem between two suites wasn’t an issue and Keith had this to say: “Working with two editors at the same time on four films was a first for me. But Tim and Leo are peas from the same pod and as such made the whole process, not only extremely satisfying, but creatively rewarding too.

We developed a perfect synchronicity that allowed me to jump in and out of films as well as the edit suites whilst still being able to maintain the same tone of voice throughout. The films turned out great - but don’t take my word for it, ask the 3 million people who viewed them online in the first two days”.

Tim Hardy and Leo King commented: “We read Keith’s treatment and as gender identity is a significant current issue it was something we were both interested in being involved, it was as a huge project so perfect to do together. Given the challenging subject we arrived at common themes to characterize the humour, positivity and sadness in the films”.

‘Born Risky: Grayson Perry’ launched on All 4 and is available to watch on All 4 and on Channel 4’s Facebook and Twitter platforms.

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