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Syncbox, Atomic London and Star Alliance

06 June 2017

Syncbox has just completed an amazing 3D spatialised audio mix for Star Alliance. Produced by Atomic London and stitched together by Coffee and TV, this film takes the flyby to the next level of immersion.

Image TitleSyncbox

Mixing 3D mulit-channel, virtual reality sound to a 360 Video brings the whole experience of VR to life. In a word, Audio Head Tracking enrolls the user into believing they are really there and not just wearing a VR headset sitting on a chair in at home or in the office.

Please note this is the 2d version for the full 3d spatialised version please click here

In this 360 video, the tourists, enjoying the view over Shenzhen City, get the shock of their lives when 28 planes from Star Alliance flyby no more than a few metres away from them. The roar of the engines and sheer power of the planes can be experienced in full VR thanks to the 3D sound mix and head tracked audio. The planes surround you from the front, the side and behind, ensuring there is no escaping the awesome magnitude of this VR film.

Each plane's position and sound is mapped with 100% accuracy including the distance from the viewpoint, the height and the direction, which mirror each plane as they flyby. All the plane's, including the one's in the distance, are included for a 100% virtual reality sound experience, even if you can not distinguish them within the cacophony of engine noise.

6 different types of plane are represented from Boeing and Airbus, including the B737, B777, B787, A319, A320 and A340. Each have their own distinct engine noise are were extensively researched to represent the film accurately and to provide a real life experience.

The film's spatial audio was mixed and sculptured at Syncbox Post in London and represents the dedication and excitement we have for this technology. So much can be created and enjoyed when you mix in 3D as opposed to 2D.

Using the latest audio technology, we can mix your immersive audio or take your stereo mix and transform it into a 3D wonder world. Our experience of sound design and audio mixing adds a greater dimension to any 3D or VR mix. We can mix to all the latest formats including AmbiX, FuMa, Quad Binaural, Facebook 360 Video, You Tube 360 or provide you with an 8 channel audio file for embedding into your app or game player. Once rendered the VR Sound Design mix will provide 100% accurate head tracking and add authentic realism to any 360 video.

We also provide real, end user monitoring experiences with an Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR headsets. This enables you to see the finished product how it was designed to be seen and experienced.

We're dedicated to exploring this immersive technology and ways of how it can be used to enhance the users experience.

Please contact Rich Evans on or call 0207 253 7587 to discuss any 360 or VR audio project. We'd love to hear about your project and discuss how we can work together to provide something truly out standing.

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