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Syncbox design sound for Wonderbly’s My Golden Ticket Interactive Book

23 October 2017

My Golden Ticket, is the latest beautiful personalised book from Wonderbly; a stunning journey into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

My Golden TicketMy Golden Ticket

Working with Wonderbly's concept of featuring the book in a theatrical 'real-life’ version of the factory, We Are Seventeen created a fantastical film that would entice a whole new audience to Roald Dahl’s magical world.

Bringing the factory to life with additional sound design lifts this already beautiful film and entices the viewer to dive into the magical, amazing world of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

The book gives every child a unique adventure in Willy Wonka’s factory. They’ll explore wondrous new rooms and uncover their own delicious secrets. The perfect personalised gift for kids 5-12 years.

By the end of the story your child will discover something truly tremendous – a one-of-a-kind Wonka bar inspired by their name. (Just don’t try to eat it, it’s only a picture.

Additionally, a marvellously melodious moment! Your child won't believe their eyes when they realise that everything in the story has been inspired by their own name. Including a personalised Oompa Loompa song.

If Wonka himself were to make books, we believe he would have injected Wonderbly’s inventive formula. Luke Kelly, Roald Dahl's grandson

Production Company:We Are Seventeen
Producer: Helen Randal
Sound Design: Rich Evans

Creative Audio Studio for TV, Advertising and VR

Contact Name
Richard Evans