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TNT Gets Sonic Rebrand by Felt Music’s Award Winning Talent

07 March 2017

Image TitleFelt Music

The team at Felt were approached by creatives at Turner Broadcasting to generate a new identity for one of their key channels, TNT, in the Nordic territories.

“We wanted to work with talent that would be able to communicate character in sound but had the skill to work subtly in doing so” - Liz Williams (Felt Music)

Going for only the best, Felt engaged out to the top talent within our team of sound designers. Award winning sound designer Nate Connelly won the pitch and started work on 3 x channel sonic branding signatures. The mix of electronic and acoustic (treated) sounds, thoughtfully layered meant that the sound was able to stay true to the Nordic flair for simplicity, elegance and modernity.

The final 3 channel branding signatures derive inspiration from a similar palate of sounds whilst holding their own individual integrity sonically. This has been launched across the channel in Norway, Sweden and Denmark in January 2017.

“It was our aim to bring an audio experience to our TNT continuity that engaged the audience whilst never becoming repetitive or jarring. Felt Music delivered sound design that did exactly that: a gradual soundscape which includes a refrain on the logo as well as a gentle murmur beneath.” - Jack Tennant (Creative Manager, Turner)

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