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Tareq's new Coca-Cola spot for Nice Shirt gives us Reasons To Believe

09 January 2014

As 2014 begins, Tareq's new spot for Coca-Cola injects a little positivity into our new year proceedings. The film sees singers in the New London Children's Choir singing their version of Florence + The Machine's 'You Got The Love', interspersed with instances of good deed doings from around the world, all with the goal of giving us reasons to believe in a better world.

Nice Shirt

Tareq captures the kids belting out the song with such joyful gusto that one can't help feel a little bit more cheerful, in a film that can find its roots in the classic "I'd like to buy the world a Coke" spot from 1971. This film forms part of a wider "Reasons To Believe" campaign by Coca-Cola, asking for people to share their own acts of good deeds via the #reasonstobelieve hashtag.

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Adam Laughton
0207 255 8100