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This Week We 'Sit Down With' with EP Kayt Hall of Cut+Run

05 April 2018

This week we were very pleased to 'Sit Down With' the lovely Kayt Hall of Cut+Run London. As EP of the famed editing house Kayt is clearly kept on her toes in such a busy environment. Despite this Kayt is well known for her fun and gregarious nature and it's this and her approach to work that you'll not forget after meeting this formidable lady.
So, let's hear from Kayt herself. She shares her inspirations, what her job entails and how her fully rounded experience of production and working in agencies has culminated in her job as EP of Cut+Run.

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1.What inspired you to be a Producer?

I’ve produced since about the age of about 7, at that time putting together tea parties for my teddies and raves for my Sindy dolls. They were planned with military precision. In my teens I put together small photographic shoots for my friends where we acted like idiots but thought we were cool enough to be on the cover of The Face. We were wrong. So it was less about being inspired and more about following a path to what I was naturally good at.

2. What does your job entail?

As Executive Producer I’m responsible for having an overview on all the jobs moving through Cut+Run as well as overseeing jobs we are bidding on. One of the key aspects to the job is maintaining and developing relationships with our clients and future clients; developing new business opportunities with directors, production companies, agencies and direct to client.
Another equally important part of the job is to be that person for the editors to talk to. They sometimes need a fresh pair of eyes on an edit or just to chat through how the process is going on a particular job. I’m sure it’s because they spend so much time in a room by themselves that they like the company!
I also oversee the assistants and ensure they are gaining all the knowledge base they need as well as investing in them as future editors.
The list goes on but they are the key bits.

3.What skills do you need to be a good Producer?

You need great communication and a sense of humour. An eye for detail and an open mind is helpful too.

4.What’s your favourite part of your job?

I still get ridiculously excited when one of our younger editors works with a new director and makes that spot that you know is going to change their careers for good.

5. If there were one thing you could change about your job what would it be?

More time

6. Have you been influenced by other producers?

Absolutely - I had the pleasure of working with Sandy Watson both at M&C Saatchi and Ogilvy. Her integrity, formidable nature and knowledge was mind blowing and a little terrifying.

7. What do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t a Producer?

Costume design for theatre.

8. What projects are you most proud of?

Ok naff alert…I’m proud of pretty much everything I’ve had a hand in working on. And I’m proud of the team that gets it done. The talent that surrounds me blows my mind.

9. Your experience reflects the full scope of Production and all the various elements that come together to create a campaign. Was that always the plan?

Not at all but I’m so glad it turned out that I got opportunities across agency / prod. co / post etc. I know that I’m incredibly fortunate to have worked in all these areas and this makes me a bit of a hybrid, which in today’s fast changing industry is not a bad thing to be.
It would be amazing if more people starting out got to experience producing across all platforms. Anyone fancy chatting about job swaps?
Sandy (Watson) told me a good many years ago that a producer was someone who made it happen and it didn’t matter what that it was. Perhaps that stuck with me and subconsciously pushed me to gain experience outside of an agency where I started.

10. What are your latest projects?

Recently we’ve just edited a superb spot for OVO and a fantastic music vid for Carnage & Steve Aoki.

11. Lastly after a long day of working with clients and editors what do you like to spend your spare time getting up to?

Spare time? I’m a working mama I don’t get much spare time those pesky kids take it up and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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