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Transferwise Commercial

30 September 2014

Seed has recently produced an animation for Transferwise- an online money transfer service that is backed by Paypal founder and Facebook investor Perter Thiel and Sir Richard Branson.


Daniel Sauva, Creative Producer at Transferwise, came to Seed to develop a visual concept for the film that would explain new world money transfers and promote the company’s new branding.

Morgan Powell, Creative Director at Seed, proposed the concept of a central sphere that ‘re-dresses’ for each key point in the script- the central sphere is a stage that is continually reset and is used to help tell the story. The design remains simple and iconic, in line with the company’s new branding. The animation itself is a mix of both 3D and 2D animation styles seamlessly blended together.


Voiced by: Vince Pellegrino
Sound design: Offset Audio

Seed Production Details
No. and Length: 1 x 1 minutes 15 sec
Creative Director: Morgan Powell
Directed/Design by: Morgan Powell
2D Animation: Tom King
3D Animation: Neil Kidney
Audio: Offset
Software: After Effects and Softimage


Contact Name
Neil Kidney