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Upstart Films' Axel Laubscher directs eccentric ad for Fisherman's Friend

23 February 2016

Image TitleFisherman's Friend - Flyboard

Axel's Fisherman's Friend Ad caused quite a stir in the UK was ad of the day in Campaign last week.

In this spot a fisherman uses a flyboard to dive in and out of the sea and catch fish in an eccentric ad for Fisherman's Friend mints, for the agency Walker Zurich. The flyboard is not powered by electricity as one would expect, but by the power of another fisherman's lungs, which have been invigorated by Fisherman's Friend mints.

Image Title

Axel’s career in commercial directing has been filled with awards including gold, silver and bronze lions at Cannes and numerous others from D&AD, Epica, LIA and Eurobest. Axel’s films being for VW, PSP, Mercedes, Ikea, Nintendo and McDonalds are highly character-driven mixing emotion, cinematography and memorable performance with ease.

Axel is represented by Upstart Films in the UK, for more examples of his work click HERE

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