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Vision's Jim Jolliffe photographs Cadbury's Comeback Commercial

25 October 2016

Jim Jolliffe photographs this stunningly beautiful comeback commercial for Cadburys Milk Tray, directed by Chris Palmer for Gorgeous.

Image TitleWatch the commercial here

Travelling to one of the remotest places on the planet, the Altai Mountains in Mongolia, (where there is absolutely no film infrastructure in terms of crew, equipment and actors) Jim choose to shoot on the Alexa Mini which had Canon mounts in order to use smaller stills lenses. This meant all was super lightweight - cameras in one rucksack, lenses in another rucksack, and accessories in a third.

Although this spot has an epic feel, the budget was actually very tight with little or no money for lights, so Jolliffe smartly lights the majority of this amazing film, day for night, with in a nutshell - fire and embers, and some help from the odd paraffin lamp, car head lights and a small smoke machine.

Image TitleWatch the commercial here

Jim immersed himself into this project and did much research for the film, taking inspiration from Laurence of Arabia as he was aware Freddie Young had used day for night for all the night scenes here too.

Jim found Mongolia in his own words "a very special and spiritual country". In fact loved it so much that he stayed out there for a few weeks travelling and taking photographs which you can view in his incredible portfolio below. What a treat..

View Jim's incredible portfolio of his Mongolian travels HERE

Image TitleWatch the commercial here

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