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02 September 2014

“Liberty cannot exist under surveillance”.

Watch DogsWatch Dogs

In our recent project, we worked with Xbox to create a short promotional film that introduces their new techno thriller game Watch Dogs. The character in the film, anonymous and clad in a face mask, warns the viewer of the dangers of a digital prison, where surveillance controls all. However, at the same time, he lures the gamer into an anarchical method of truth seeking via the gaming world. The film invites the viewer to become a part of the team of underground hackers, who, in the game expose a glitch in the system by taking the battle of crime into their own hands. The main character of Watch Dogs, Aidan Pearce, has a team called Ded sec. The concept here is that a member of Ded sec is seeking hackers to take part in an attempt to fight back at a city that imprisons people with surveillance.

The games location is in reality based on Chicago, which has the highest amount of surveillance in America, and the third highest in the world.
The film itself had an elementary process; it’s a brief video that resembles the aesthetics of a the sort of film that todays “Hacktivists” tend to release. It echoes the fictional world of Watch Dogs, and gives a message that promotes the game while also giving an insight into the content.

It was translated into 6 different languages and included an equal amount of sound treatments to be distributed to Xbox’s various websites worldwide. For the shoot, we worked in a small studio using projected graphics on a green screen. The visual and sound glitches were made in post-production to give the effect of a hacker’s interjection into a highly protected digital zone that is the Xbox website.

By working with Xbox to create this video, gaming input has been utilised, to give a more humanistic element to the idea of hacking and digital wars. All characters within the game, even pedestrians, have personal information and life stories that affect the notion that unadulterated killing sprees have no conscience for the modern gamer. The character in the video gives a shout for back up, to become what you could call a modern day magician in Ded sec’s operation to tackle over-surveillance. This unconventional and controversial game has been given a 10/10 review by many gaming websites.

If you would like to check out the video, click Here

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