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Wave Music rebrands as SixtyFour Music

01 May 2018

Renowned Music Company, Wave Music (part of the Wave Studios Group) is delighted to showcase their new identity as they rebrand as SixtyFour Music and expand into the USA.
Since opening in New York (and later this year in Amsterdam), the award-winning team recognised an opportunity to start afresh and present themselves as a new offering within these exciting cities. Rebranding as SixtyFour Music reflects a more streamlined identity that focuses upon their independent status and growth beyond being Wave Studios’ in-house music company.

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Why SixtyFour Music?
Well, 1964 was a pivotal year for music. The Beatles landed at Kennedy airport, starting what became known as the ‘British Invasion’. 1964 witnessed The Rolling Stones release their debut album and Robert Moog invented his first synthesizer. It just so happened that this stellar year also marked Simon and Garfunkel’s first recording for Decca. So, in all it was a great time for music.

As SixtyFour Music the dedicated team shall provide an even greater service than before. Their commitment to deliver a purely creative offering shall be their focus. Pushing every musical boundary by never settling for the predictable or easy option. They will continue to produce exciting music from both established and emerging composers and artists, with the added bonus of having a talent pool on both sides of the Atlantic. Such commitment and time invested in unique global talent allows them to open doors into exciting new worlds of bespoke composition, production, synchronisation and artist and brand partnerships.

In addition the team has always been heavily involved with creating music for feature films and to date have worked on many notable projects. Their expansion into Europe and the USA shall play a key role to further develop this exciting offering.

Nick Payne, managing partner at SixtyFour Music says:
Since launching Wave Music 4 years ago as the in-house music offering at Wave Studios we’ve been lucky enough to collaborate on some rather special, award winning films and advertising campaigns.
We worked with Johnnie Burn as music supervisors on two feature films directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, which was really exciting. The Lobster and Killing of a Sacred Deer were both awarded at the Cannes Film Festivals during their year of release and both went on to receive critical acclaim and further industry awards.”

He goes on to say: “rebranding to SixtyFour Music feels like we are now grown up and leaving home having had the best of educations, we're now ready to take on anything!” 2018 already looks really exciting at SixtyFour Music, our relationship with Yorgos Lanthimos continues with a new feature film currently in production called ’The Favourite’ and the 1st anniversary of our New York office is just around the corner”.

The partners in SixtyFour Music continue to be the award-winning trio that started Wave Music in 2014.
Nick Payne, award winning music producer, founder of Wave Music, The Works Music and Music+Sound Awards
Johnnie Burn, award-winning sound designer and founder of Wave Studios
Warren Hamilton, award-winning sound designer and founder of Wave

Notable Work
Killing of a Sacred Deer Trailer:
Disobedience Trailer:
The Lobster:

Heineken Share the Drama Campaign;
The Last Duel:
The Chase:
BBC Wonderful World:
Guinness Surfer:

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