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We talk to Declan Lowney about being a Muppet for Warburtons

01 December 2015

Why were you chosen to work on this Dec?
I reckon it’s because I have worked with a lot of big name talent and I love funny scripts. I enjoy making funny funnier if that’s possible and sometimes it is. In this instance, I also understand the Northern humour of the Warburtons brand, as it’s quite similar to Irish humour.

Image TitleWarburtons - Giant Crumpet Show

What did you like about this script?
What’s not to like - it’s the Muppets, it was a clever idea, marrying the Crumpet show with the Muppet show, and it was obviously going to be lot of fun to make.

What did you enjoy about working with Billy Faithful, Andy and Jonny?
They’re clever creatives, we understand each other and have a similar sense of humour and we have a great giggle together.

Was it tricky to direct?
It was to begin with, because you're directing what is essentially a sock on someones hand (sorry Kermit!). And that’s kinda how the Muppet performers prefer it – you deal directly with the character, not the performer – and that starts to impact on how you say stuff, the expressions you use, because they’ll just take the piss out of you.But once you get your head around that, it gets easier and it’s very funny. In someways, it was easier working with Sly, because I could look him in the eye and give him direction.

What other big names have you enjoyed working with
I enjoy working with stars and the Muppets are definitely some of the biggest Hollywood stars, but I have worked with U2 and Beyonce, so after stars like that I’d say the Muppets are a bit of a breeze. I’m working with Rob Brydon at the moment, and he’s hilarious, as is Paul Whitehouse and Steve Coogan. These guys are all very clever with their comedy.

How did you get into directing comedy?
I was nicknamed Clowney Lowney at school as I was the school clown, always messing around and joking. so I made it my profession. People say I have funny bones and I think that’s true. But I decided I’d rather be behind the camera getting paid to direct funny people, what can be better than that?

What do you enjoy about directing comedy?
I enjoy being able to go to work and laugh a lot every day - you are constantly tweaking jokes and playing with ways of delivering gags, I really love that.

Who is your favourite Muppet?
My Producer, Simon

Is it true that Kermit and Miss Piggy have split up?
Yes... but they didn’t want to talk about it.

Declan Lowney is represented by Another Film Company, London.
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