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What If

05 July 2012

After 2 years away, working on Features, Award winning directors Max and Dania are back and have just completed their first short. Based on the Rudyard Kipling poem “If”, the film was commissioned and financed by BBC Films and Film Four in association with the London 2012 Festival, Cultural Olympiad and the National Lottery.

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Renowned music video directors (having worked with artists such as Craig David, Alesha Dixon, So Solid Crew and N-Dubz) Max & Dania's first venture into feature film directing; Streetdance 3D, made over 12 million at the UK box office. This phenomenal success saw them return for a sequel in 2012.

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“What If “ is one of a quartet of short films lasting a total of 106 minutes and drawing on a wide range of directorial talent, from Mike Leigh to Lynne Ramsay, Asif Kapadia and Max and Dania. It was described in the Evening Standard as: “..."What If" is a morality tale showing a London teenager rescued from a life of bullying and petty crime by a mysterious stranger. If you wondered what would happen if the Victorian morality of Kipling was introduced into the films of Wim Wenders, whose film Wings of Desire is constantly referenced, "What If" provides the answer: a slick but sentimental story about moral responsibility casually showcasing London’s freerunners, skateboarders and BMXers”

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The London 2012 shorts will be screened at various Picturehouse cinemas and broadcast on BBC and Channel 4 in the summer.