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Whitehouse Post Take on Amsterdam at the Ambassadors

11 January 2012

Creative trailblazers The Whitehouse have landed in Amsterdam. Who better to partner up with than fellow innovators The Ambassadors.

Whitehouse founder David Brixton who first worked out of Amsterdam through DGW in the early 90‘s, explains why the Whitehouse chose to expand into Amsterdam; “the creative community has continued to develop and grow in Amsterdam with the addition of many new international agencies. Many of these agencies are clients of ours in the US and the UK and we wanted to continue our relationship with them in Holland”

White House Image

On the picture, left to right:

Ed Meijaard - Managing Partner - The Ambassadors
Halbo van der Klaauw - Managing Partner - The Ambassadors
David Brixton - Managing Partner - Whitehouse Post
Ton Habraken - Creative Partner - The Ambassadors

Co-Founder of The Ambassadors, Ton Habraken adds “with many editors over here in Holland focusing on long form, our clients from International agencies would often travel to London for the edit, now that we can provide world-class editing drawn from an exciting roster of US and UK editorial talent, we are very well equipped to service our clients even better”

When asked why the partnership was formed between these two companies specifically, David Brixton added; “as the industry moves toward more solution-driven post production process, with many disciplines being sought under one roof, we wanted to join forces with the best post production company in Amsterdam. That led us to the Ambassadors”. At a time when others have tried and failed to become effectively full-service, both companies are confident they’ve got the winning mix. David Brixton describes this as a “unique, mutually beneficial opportunity” and one that they’ve clearly spent time developing. One which gives their clients a solid, constant offering of world class editing in Amsterdam, whilst continuing to service it’s London clients out of their Soho offices.

He adds “Many companies have got the full service move wrong, 'becoming a jack of all trades, but a master of none'.The Ambassadors got it exactly right, by ensuring the partners that came together to form the company were all the very best in their respective disciplines. The Whitehouse has chosen to add additional services by setting up new companies in partnership with talented partners. We have expanded into production with Capgun Collective. Carbon offering Finishing and Visual effects and Design with Gentleman Scholar. The Whitehouse partnering with the Ambassadors continues in this tradition.”

It is clear that this is a relationship that both parties intend to grow and build on. When asked how this could change the way The Whitehouse & the Ambassadors work in Amsterdam, Ed Meijaard adds “Essentially there are no more restrictions, anything is possible given enough time and resources. The challenge is and will be finding the right balance for each job.”

Ethan Mitchel has transferred from the Whitehouse New York offices to launch the Whitehouse @ The Ambassadors this month and will be joined by a roster of the companies UK editorial talent which can be found on both and

Executive Producer, London

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Annabel Bennett
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Executive Producer, New York

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Executive Producer, Chicago

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Executive Producer, Los Angeles

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