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Xpono: Electric Daisy Carnival teaser for Live Nation

08 July 2014

EDCElectric Daisy Carnival

Born under the vibrant lights and endless nights of Las Vegas, the world famous EDC is a dance music festival like no other. So bringing it to the Milton Keynes Bowl for the 2014 UK edition required something a little special.

That 'little' something has come in the form of Europe's biggest ever LED screen. Over 2,000 square metres of 8mm – 15mm LED panels that wrap around this iconic outdoor venue, creating a jaw-dropping 360 degree visual feast.

The Brief:
From Live Nation's Head of Creative, Alex McCuaig:

"Our challenge is that the experience really has to be seen to be believed. But to make it even harder, the best channel to tease our intended audience is YouTube, which really couldn't be further from the real thing in terms of both scale and atmosphere.

"So what we needed was a creative treatment and concept that did justice to the reality. Something out of this world, something magical, though also inline with the creative treatment of the festival, where our audience are the headliners and where the energy that powers them comes from the music."

Making it happen:
Project lead and Director at Xpono, James Beveridge:

"We knew how symbolic the daisy is to this festival, so wanted to take this asset into a new realm, giving it a new meaning that linked to this world first audio visual experience.

"Showing a great atmosphere was relatively easy as so much footage existed from past events, though this alone didn't do enough to distinguish the unrivalled production values that we are bringing this year.

"So we came up with a CG solution, where daisy buds burst through the ground, growing high into the sky and opening out to reveal our 360 LED screen."

VFX Lead at Xpono, Alex Parsons:

"We knew the screen would look epic in reality, though when constructed in a 3D environment, the challenge was always to avoid it looking like a model. So, using a combination of wide angle lenses, detailed models, complex animation and a stylised colour palette, we were able to truly capture the awesome size and scale of these epic screens.".


Client: Alex McCuaig (Live Nation)
Project Lead: James Beveridge
Creative Director: Matt Beveridge
VFX lead: Alex Parsons
Art Director / compositor: Chris Ennis
Motion Graphics: Toby Barnett
Edit: Corrino

Company Director

Contact Name
Charlie Bevan
0207 9935112