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You Have Until August 1st To Enter UK Music Video Awards 2018

23 July 2018


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The deadline for submissions for this year's awards is 1 August. make sure you check out our full list of categories. as well as categories for individual music videos, live films and interactive works, there are also awards for a body of work across the year for directors, producers, commissioners, artists and production companies. for more info, go to our website at:

uk, international or newcomer? the music video genre awards - pop, dance, urban, rock and alternative - are split into 3 sub-categories. videos for uk artists go into the uk category, while all non-uk artists' videos are international. for budget videos, made for under £6k (or the eqiuvalent in any currency) by a less-established director, choose newcomer. you'll find the entry form here.

live video and live concert there are 2 categories for directing live performances - live video for shortform work (up to 5 tracks, with live audio of course) sponsored by procam, and live concert for the long form films. entrants will be asked to supply some background info for the judging session in addition to the films. enter now.

more partners confirmed moving image studio loco continues its longterm support of the ukmvas by returning as post-production partner for the awards show. industry stalwart, promo news, is providing extensive support to the ukmvas and its participants and partners.